Transformative Leadership: Transformation from the Inside Out

Presented by Pat Patton and Scott Madaris from Catholic Health Initiatives

Jessica Miller
about 2 years agoApril 17, 2016
thank you
Kathie Pasquarella
about 2 years agoApril 21, 2016
Excellent!!! I'm sharing with our leadership group! Thank you, Kathie
Kim Gruchow
about 2 years agoJune 1, 2016
Awesome presentation! Empowering by effective leadership. Always should consider what your ultimate goal is. Everyone's goal should be patient safety and well-being. As managers/leaders we have two goals, 1st, patient safety and 2nd (as a leader) employee retention via stellar leadership. You hit the nail on the head!!
Cary Twyman MD
11 months agoAugust 4, 2017
Since I am employed by a CHI subsidiary (and not considered by some, a  leader in this organization) , I think this should be mandatory webcast for all providers and their administrative leaders to watch and discuss among themselves. CHI is the third largest Catholic Health delivery system of medical care in the United States (from what I know).   We all can learn from each other, but because our job descriptions and goals differ significantly, I find many administrative leaders forget most physician, APC's, and Nurses, once owned their own businesses. We still can contribute to the success of a larger organization that we no longer own, but are so  vital for the business to exist.  The reason why nursing and physicians are  leaving the field (not just CHI) , which contributes to this huge supply/demand crisis of medical care  providers, is not easy to pinpoint on one factor. But a big part of the problem, that I personally deal with, is the feeling that  providers in today's traditional ACO/Clinic/Hospital based structures, don't have a say in their present or future work environments. Understaffed offices and units, underpaid, overworked, and the burden of extraneous duties that our original job descriptions should not ever include, lead to burnout and the consequences of such.  Inability to change this phenomenon, is the reason why my generation of fellow providers, are leaving the field altogether.  The heartwood of this medical business is the 55-65 year old provider (physicians, APC's, nurses, etc) . We should use their wisdom to teach the young, because the young have not experienced what those providers have lived through. In their formative training, the actual business of medicine, is never taught.  We are all challenged by the  health care chaos that exist in America today.  Those "heartwood" providers have wisdom on how to survive in a changing work environment since the 1990's.  Our leadership now, needs our advise more than ever, as well as we (the providers of care ) need their advice to manage the same business , we no longer can own. Transparency of economics, is lacking in my opinion, and respect of business talent is definitely lacking on both sides. Because of this  difficult relationship, I suspect it is  forcing providers to change their outlook of  continued working in the medical field at a much earlier age, than our  prior generation of care givers. Cash pay and concierge medicine, locum tenens business models, are now growing rapidly because of the failure of traditional  medical business models.  Both are expensive and can stress the system even further, yet seems to drive the providers of care, to regain ownership of their lives back.
Great video, great topic, and it should be mandatory that everyone in the business of leadership of others, should watch and learn.  Sorry about my personal opinion about the medical field, but there is a crisis brewing. We need leaders to step up and guide our field, so our clients (which include you and me)  have confidence that they will get the care that is,  at least standard, economically feasible, and accessible to all, in every inch of this great nation.
4 months agoFebruary 16, 2018

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